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      • The Singer vehicle uses newly developed 17’’ forged aluminum wheels in the style of the iconic Fuchs wheels designed in the 1960s. These wheels are extremely strong and lightweight.
      • Wheel Sizes: 9”x17’’ front and 11”x17’’ rear.
        • The wheels can be ordered with or without center caps at no extra charge.
        • Hubs can be ordered with short studs and ‘closed’ black anodized aluminum lug nuts, or with extended studs and open brass-plated lug nuts at no extra charge. Running these wheels without center caps and long studs gives a very track inspired look, and again recalls the racing machines of the 1960s and 70s.
      • The wheels can be specified in a number of special nickel plated or anodized and painted finishes all based on the iconic Fuchs wheels fitted to the 1973 sport and racing models. Tires are 225/45 x 17 front and 265/40 x 17 rear Michelin Pilot Sport PS2.
      • A road-legal performance and track-biased R Compound tire can be specified at no extra cost. These tires are designed for ultimate performance in dry and damp conditions and not recommended for use in rain or standing water. The tires are 235/40 x 17 front and 275/40 x 17 rear, Nitto NT01
      • Wheels and Tires Option
        • Second set wheel and tire package.
        • Customers can specify an additional set of wheels in any finish fitted with the track-biased tires. This option is for owners who drive their cars regularly on the road but also need a practical and easily accessed wheel/tire combination for the track.
      Ein 993 ist sozusagen wie eine Wertanlage... nur viel erotischer :thumbup:
    • Hört Euch mal das Video ab Minute 2:50 an … ich höre da ganz klar Magnesium raus.

      Allerdings tippe ich darauf, dass die Beschreibung stimmt und der Kollege an dieser Stelle etwas fantasiert ….
      Die Qualität des Miteinanders hängt ab von der Quantität des aufeinander Zugehens.
      Autor: Harry Truschzinski, deutscher Diplomingenieur

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