Hello, I would like to introduce my self

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    • Hello, I would like to introduce my self


      My name is Dong-Ju Jang from South Korea and living in Oberursel.
      Last year, I bought 95' 993 C2 as weekend car for fun.
      I hope to join off-line meeting or driving and enjoy the 993 life together with forum members.
      And I am sorry that I cannot speak German yet but now I am learning German.

      Best regards,
      Thank you.


      Ich heiße Dong-Ju Jang aus Südkorea und wohne in Oberursel.
      Letztes Jahr, ich habe gekauft 95 '993 C2 als Wochenendauto .
      Ich kann nicht Deutsch sprechen, aber ich lerne Deutsch.

      Freundliche Grüße,
      Vielen Dank.
    • Hallo und herzlich willkommen hier in unserem Forum :) .
      Ich nehme mal an, daß dein Vorname Dong-Ju lautet und werde dich dann so anschreiben.
      Viel Spaß mit deinem neuen Spielzeug und viel Erfolg beim erlernen der deutschen Sprache. :thumbsup: .

      Beste Grüße
      life is like a box of chocolats, you never know what you're gonna get
    • Hello Dong-Ju,


      I know Korea a little bit fom my business contacts

      and my Tennis Sport.
      Dong-Ju, nice people with open mind are in our forum.
      You have in 3 weeks the great opportunity,

      to visit the biggest Porsche event of

      Europe, more than 700 cars are expected !

      Have a look to:


      You can come at every time, no registration

      If you are intersested to join to this big event,

      let me know and send me your mobile, we can

      meet each other.

      I will join to this big event late in the morning.

      If you have any questions concerning your 993,

      do not hesitate to get in contact with our forum.